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Pricing and Availability
We currently maintain two separate flocks, carrying two distinctly different bloodlines.  We will likely be able to meet your needs, even if you have purchased stock from us before.  (NOTE: All prices may be discounted for multiple purchases!)  All prices include registration.


As our breeding strategy requires careful regulation of parentage, we typically retain only 2 select herd sires. We retain a limited quantity of sire-quality rams for sale as breeding stock until late fall each year, or until we sell out.  

Our pricing structure is as follows:

  • Ram Lambs 3 – 7 months:                                  $ 350 - Currently Unavailable
  • Young Rams 8 – 12 months:                               $  400 - Currently Available for a limited time!
  • Registered Yearlings over 12 months:             $  450 & Up - Currently Unavailable

Our prices for ewes are:

  • Ewe Lambs 3 – 12  months:                                 $350 - Sold Out. Now Accepting Deposits on Spring 2020 Lambs!
  • Bred Ewes – 7+ months:                                      $400 & Up - Currently Unavailable
  • Ewes 2 years and older:                                       Price Variable - Inquire about availability

*Breeding Trio (Ram, 3 months or older; + 2 Ewes, 3 months or older)                                   $1,000

These animals will be specially selected based on superior breed characteristics and diversity of bloodline.  We will discount for additional animals, subject to availability.

Please contact us for availability and additional information.

David & Susan Brooks
2842 Oak Grove Church Road
Bethpage, TN 37022-1915

(615) 957-4221
OR: (615) 670-0585


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