Brooks Farm - Bethpage, Tennessee
About St. Croix Hair Sheep

Limited by our acreage, and drawn to the breed by their gentle nature and disease-resistance, Brooks Farm began raising St. Croix hair sheep in 2007.  Waking to the peaceful sight of a flock grazing on a grassy hillside fit the charming aspect of farm life we were seeking.  St. Croix hair sheep are mild-mannered, graceful animals, which require no shearing, and very minimal health maintenance.  They are bred to resist almost all livestock parasites, including the deadly barber-pole worm that has notoriously decimated the sheep and goat population at large. 

The St. Croix breed can easily be raised at the rate of 6 adult sheep on the land required for a single cow.  They are typically raised for meat, which is marketable at top dollar for its widely-acclaimed fine texture and mild flavor.  They are also highly valued for breeding because they are so easy and rewarding to raise!  They are significantly less flighty and wild than Barbados Blackbelly Sheep, and benefit from regular human proximity and contact.

St. Croix rams are regal, magnificent creatures which sport a snowy mane at maturity.  They are less aggressive than other breeds of sheep, but are protective and unyielding leaders of their flock.  The ewes are excellent mothers.  They bond quickly with their young, and care easily for twins and triplets.  St. Croix lambs are the most charming of all!  Those born of a season form little lamb gangs that rip and run through the pastures, leaping into the air for the sheer joy of being little and alive.

Here is an excellent article about falling in love with sheep farming. We have...maybe you will as well.
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