Brooks Farm - Bethpage, Tennessee
St. Croix Breed History

The predecessors of the St. Croix hair sheep breed are believed to be West African, but were imported from the Virgin Islands in the 1960’s, and known as “Virgin Island White”, for use in the development of the Katahdin hair sheep breed. The St. Croix were first introduced to the US by the Utah State University in 1975, and because of their interesting and useful attributes, the St. Croix Hair Sheep registry was developed.  For these same reasons they are increasing in number and popularity in the US.

They are a closed breed, allowing for no percentages of other bloodlines.  Details of the breeding characteristics can be found on the St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association website at

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All of the sheep on our farm are full-blooded St. Croix Hair Sheep.  Every sheep is tagged at birth and carefully monitored for optimum growth and conformation to the most stringent breed standard, and is either already registered with the SCHSIA (St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association - (, or fully registerable upon purchase.
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